Torsten Nilsson: Lamento

Excerpt from Nox Angustiae

Nox Angustiae – Night of Anguish – which depicts the rage and chaos of the original Good Friday in an expressionist manner, is scored for double chorus, vocal soloists and large organ. To add to the experience, the work was always performed in a darkened church at midnight between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The performers read the music by faint blue light, but the rest of the church was in complete darkness except for the projection of a graphical leaflet on the ceiling of the church.

This lamento follows after an extremely chaotic and tumultuous section of the oratorio. It is also a hommage to Louis Vierne: passages from his organ work Cathédrales are superimposed on twelve-note material, as well as on Gregorian chant for Good Friday.

This recording was made in 1986 by the Swedish Radio, as part of a live broadcast performance of Nox Angustiae by the Täby Church Chamber Choir under Kerstin Ek. The recording was made with the cooperation of the composer.

  • Åslög Rosén, soprano
  • Peter Bengtson, organ

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