The Maids: Claire's Dream Aria

Claire remembers another night when Solange played Madame.

“Last night
when you were Madame
in the white evening gown
you were jubilant then
You followed Monsieur, your lover, aboard…
to Guyana
or to Devil’s Island
You were rocking like a ship
You gave yourself to him
The jungle sun shone upon your face
A lovely dream…”

The opera The Maids, commissioned by the Royal Opera of Stockholm, received rave reviews and has since been staged in five different productions worldwide (Sweden, the USA, France and twice in Germany), a highly unusual accomplishment for new opera. The Maids is based on the play of the same name by Jean Genet.

  • Anna Eklund Tarantino, soprano
  • The Royal Orchestra, Stockholm
  • Niklas Willén, conductor

Louis Vierne: Toccata in B flat minor

The Maids: Overture and Scene 1

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