I've composed a couple of pieces which have been played worldwide, notably Les Bonnes (The Maids), the internationally most played opera of all Swedish operas, and Schakt, a ballet which has become a modern classic.

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As an organist, I've specialised in late-romantic symphonic French music and contemporary organ music. I have played with orchestras both as a soloist and as an ensemble player and given a number of first performances.

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I have 40 years of professional experience and a deep love for dynamic languages such as Lisp. I am the author of Ocean, an open source framework for Ruby on Rails HATEOAS microservice architectures with Continuous Deployment in the AWS cloud.

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Torsten Nilsson

Torsten Nilsson 100 years

The Swedish composer, organist and choirmaster Torsten Nilsson (1920-1999) would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. Read More ›

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