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Torsten Nilsson › Torsten Nilsson 100 years
The Swedish composer, organist and choirmaster Torsten Nilsson (1920-1999) would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. Read More ›

AWS › Fully Certified
I just took my fifth AWS certification. Read More ›

Louis Vierne › Louis Vierne's Fifth Symphony Released
Forty minutes of hyperchromaticism Read More ›

Astor Piazzolla › Milonga del ángel
A slow, sensuous tango with Death Read More ›

AWS › I got certified today!
No, I didn't officially get declared insane. Today I passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. Read More ›

No Instrument of Faith › The Atheist Organist
Can non-believers really understand and interpret religious music? Read More ›

The Maids › Quotations in The Maids
Contrary to what some commentators have assumed, there's only one single quotation in the score of The Maids. Read More ›

AWS › My ocean-dynamo gem listed on AWS
Today I found that Amazon lists my ocean-dynamo gem among their recommended Ruby tools for interfacing to AWS DynamoDB. Read More ›

Louis Vierne › Recording Vierne's Fifth Symphony
In June, I'll be recording Louis Vierne's Fifth organ Symphony on video in Uppsala Cathedral. Read More ›

The Maids › Cate Blanchett and I
The Maids mentioned in a Playbill interview with Cate Blanchett. Read More ›

Site Revamp › Face values
Do I really have to show my face? Read More ›

Site Revamp › It's high time for a site revamp
Welcome. This is the new incarnation of my personal website. It has been offline for far too long, but now it's back with a vengeance. Read More ›