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I've worked professionally as a programmer since 1978. That's almost 40 years.

But before that, I started out at the age of 12, programming Cobol and Fortran at a computer service bureau close to school. The computer was a Philips P1100, and there were all the old-school computer accoutrements: line printers, tape stations, punch cards, punched tapes, removable disk packs, a controlled atmosphere, and technicians in white lab coats.

Later, in 1978, when I was 17 and the personal computer revolution had started in earnest, I joined Datatronic AB as a developer (Basic, Forth, Lisp, assembler). I stayed for about ten years and saw the company grow from a handful of people to a group employing thousands and with a turnover of approximately 2 billion Swedish Kronor. Datatronic was the exclusive agent for Commodore, so there are still plenty of program cartridges out there for the PET, the VIC, and the Commodore 64 bearing my name.

I founded a company in 1996, NoteHeads, and created a music notation and professional engraving program called Igor Engraver, written in Common Lisp and with considerable AI in the area of humanised MIDI playback.

In later years, I’ve concentrated on the cloud, specifically the Amazon cloud. I have five AWS certifications:

My LinkedIn page is here. You’ll find my complete CV on there as well.

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