Site Revamp

It's high time for a site revamp

Welcome. This is the new incarnation of my personal website. It has been offline for far too long, but now it's back with a vengeance.

I’ve decided to unify all three areas of activity in one site. If that makes me come over as having a serious case of split personality, then so be it. They’re expressions of the same kind of creative process anyway.

There are already pages for my work as a composer (my opera The Maids really needs a web presence again), as a concert organist, and not least my computer related activities.

The above pages are as yet very rudimentary, but they will be expanded to include lists of works, videos and soundfiles, and the computer section will of course link to Ocean and other projects.

It’ll take a little time to get everything migrated, so stay tuned.

For the tecchies

I’m moving the whole shebang from Heroku to Amazon, in the process switching from a traditional, dynamic Postgres-backed website to a serverless, databaseless static site structure using Jekyll and s3_website to run on AWS S3 and CloudFront. The Jekyll theme I’ve chosen is Feeling Responsive.

Jekyll is powerful and fun and the workflow is great. The deployed site is extremely scalable, it’s very fast, and it’s totally secure. Plus, there’s definitely no cheaper way of hosting a website today.

jekyll aws s3

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