programming – AWS

My ocean-dynamo gem listed on AWS

Today I found that Amazon lists my ocean-dynamo gem among their recommended Ruby tools for interfacing to AWS DynamoDB. Read More ›

organ – Louis Vierne

Recording Vierne's Fifth Symphony

Peter Bengtson's Blog In June, I'll be recording Louis Vierne's Fifth organ Symphony on video in Uppsala Cathedral. Read More ›

composition · the-maids – The Maids

Cate Blanchett and I

Peter Bengtson's Blog The Maids mentioned in a Playbill interview with Cate Blanchett. Read More ›

blog – Site Revamp

Face values

Peter Bengtson's Blog Do I really have to show my face? Read More ›

blog – Site Revamp

It's high time for a site revamp

Peter Bengtson's Blog Welcome. This is the new incarnation of my personal website. It has been offline for far too long, but now it's back with a vengeance. Read More ›